My Own Oasis.Β 

I had the pleasure of having my first massage and a Deluxe Pedicure at Oasis Day Spa & Salon in Kill Devil Hills, NC.  I opted for a deep tissue massage because I have so many trigger points in my neck and shoulders. We started with a questionnaire and my goals. I asked the lovely blonde to target my neck shoulders and hips. She had amazing pressure;  at times I wanted to yell stop, but I pushed through. The oils she used smelled amazing and were calming. I felt great after we finished she gave me a water and I began my deluxe pedi. I have super ticklish feet and I’m a nail tech so I didn’t have high expectations; but was pleasantly surprised. I already had gel polish and design done before I left so she didn’t do any of my toe services (at my request- she complimented my art immediately). I enjoyed the deep exfoliation, foot mask with towel wrap,  and quite enjoyed the paraffin wax, and who wouldn’t love a mimosa at 10:30 am? She gave a decent massage on my feet and legs,  overall I would go back if I was in OBX again. I would try other services, mixed with the same services. This was the best start to my birthday I could have asked for! 


Chrome Nails.Β 

⬆⬆⬆⬆ Wildflowers Nail Academy Silver Chrome over Black Acrylic Nails.

⬆⬆⬆⬆ Wildflowers Nail Academy Unicorn Dandruff over Black Acrylic Nails.

⬆⬆⬆⬆ Wildflowers Nail Academy Peacock Chameleon Chrome over White Gel Polish on Natural Nails. 

Nail Girl Slays!

Got home last week and back to the grind! I love my job!


Birthday Polka Dot Cupcake Full Set


Birthday Coral with Starfish Accent Nail UV GEL Set


Matte Black & White w/ Rasta Shiny Polka Dots UV GEL SET


Black & Gold Matte w/ Rasta Peace Sign Accent Nail UV Gel Set