Easter Sunday. 🐣🐰

Today was very lowkey,  woke up leisurely got ready and visited with my mother-in-law & sister- in-law exchanged epic Easter baskets and laughed awhile. Went to Wegmans got tulips 🌷,  dinner 🍴,  and beer 🍻! Enjoying some libations and music with my love! Enjoy the small things in life in the end its all we have. So stop and smell the flowers!  💖💗 


25 Days of Christmas 🎄🎁🎅

In my house Brent is Christmas crazy, so much so that we do something Christmas related every day for 25 days! During our crazy 25 days of Christmas I worked 11 straight days,  I feel I did a great job of staying joyous and festive all of December! 

  • Day 1: Give Brandi Nikki Bella Sweatshirt, Santa Hat & Stocking.

Day 2: Holiday Wine 🍷& festive napkin

Day 3: Rudolph & Hot Cocoa

Day 4: WWE TLC, Wear Nikki Bella stuff and turn on XMAS lights

Day 5: Christmas Cards

Day 6: Snowman Pudding Cups

Day 7: Mistletoe & Kisses

Day 8: Cat Day Of Christmas

Day 9: Eggnog Day

Day 10: Gingerbread Men & Women

Day 11: 1st Wrapping day!

Day 12: Muss & I shopped, then we all watched The Santa Clause & Home Alone

Day 13: Peanut Butter Blossoms

Day 14: Milano Santa’s & Reindeer

Day 15: Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Day 16: Pooh’s Christmas/ New Year!

Day 17: Chocolate Chip & Sugar Cookies

Day 18: Sugar Cookies Cut & Iced

Day 19: Watch This Christmas

Day 20: Brent gets WWE Cards and Troegs Wild Elf

Day 21: My Favorite Christmas Movie!

Day 22: One last batch of cookies!

Day 23: Gift Exchange w/Bling & Annual Lerch Family Photo

Day 24: Brent & I exchanged 1 gift at 12:01 Christmas Eve!