Kitty Snow Day!

I have six lovely kitties,  I’ve tried to capture photos of them dressed in Holiday outfits for our Christmas Cards.  Cats don’t enjoy clothes, and really aren’t photogenic unless they want to be. So on this snowy January day I decided to dress 3 of them and take snow pictures,  it didn’t work so well. 

Hatteras’ best shot

Baby’s best shot (winner of best shot overall)

Chai’s best shot

Baby and Hatteras frequently visit outside, but rarely in the snow. Baby handled this like a champion,  Hatteras wasn’t impressed and didn’t enjoy being tossed in the snow,  but nothing compares to how Chai reacted. Chai almost never goes outside especially in the snow,  she sat in the driveway crying before she started making her way back inside. Needless to say we will be trying again with green screen. Everyone got a cold medicine and they’re currently resting in their favorite places. They won’t be visiting the outside unless they want to. 


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