WWE Battleground 2014 Match Predictions

WWE World title match; Fatal 4-way:  John Cena v. Roman Reigns v. Randy Orton v. Kane

Because this match is just a filler to build more momentum toward Summerslam, which they’ve already started promoting with Cena v. Lesner I’m going to say that Cena is going to win. My guess is that Kane and Orton are going to turn on each other with their animosity building from the last few weeks. Kane and Orton are going to end up brawling each other, leaving us to watch Reigns and Cena to brawl for the championship. I’m sure we’ll see a few choke slams, RKO’s, at least a spear and superman punch and that beautiful Five knuckle Shuffle.  

Intercontinental title 20 Man Battle Royale

So as much as I love to watch that Zig-Zag and Famous-er I know that Ziggler is in there just to take punishment and be thrown from the ring. I also love watching Kofi Kingston in these matches because he never lands on his feet the first time he’s thrown from the ring. I love me some Great White Sheamus but I’m almost certain they’re not looking to unify the U.S. Championship and the Intercontinental Championship’s so we might get to see a Brogue Kick Fella but I’m pretty sure he won’t make it the whole way to the end, eliminated at #15 or so. I feel Cesaro is going to swing Bo Dallas right out of the ring, Bo-Leave that. Leaving Cesaro and Big E to push and shove each other while RVD 5-star frog splashes his way to victory. (Long shot- I know) 

 Ambrose v. Rollins

With the momentum building in this backstabbing drama, I’m feeling that this isn’t going to be fair toward Ambrose. Rollins being the Authority’s bitch they’ll do anything to protect him. This win for Rollins will also force momentum in this Rivalry toward Summerslam. I’m certain we’ll see more of this crazy rivalry. 

Bray Wyatt v. Chris Jericho

I’m not Following any Buzzards, but I believe that like when Jericho returned for Wrestlemania a few years ago and let Fun-Ding-Hole (My little nickname for Fandango) beat him after not wrestling for weeks leading up to his Debut. Jericho is just a stepping stone for the newbies now which is very sad because it’s actually entertaining when Jericho wrestles, especially when he wins, WWE either needs to let him come back and win some shit, or just have him end it all together, these matches are super predictable. 

WWE Tag Team Championship, 2/3 Falls:  Usos v. Wyatts 

After several unsuccessful attempts at winning the belts I’m certain that it’s time for the Wyatts to take the championships, the Usos are pretty freaking amazing and man do I love to watch them fly around the ring, but for what seems like months they’ve been battling the Wyatts. I’m thinking sad to say that with the predictibility of the WWE it’s time for them to pass the torch, Wyatts need some gold. 

Divas Championship: AJ Lee v. Paige

So I don’t really like Paige, and I’m loving that Aj married CM Punk. I’m hoping that we see Aj put Paige in her Black Widow and Aj Retains. However with my luck Aj is going to get a Paige Turner and Paige will regain. However it works, Aj is still the bomb. 

Rusev v. Jack Swagger

It is annoying as shit to hear the mexi-russian accent that Lana produces when she’s talking all Vladimir Putin and shit, but what ev. After watching RAW I’m not sure what will happen during this match, we could see that beautiful Patriot Lock twist the shit out of Rusev’s ankle or we could see Rusev trying to make Swagger some kind of pathetic Jesus rendition in his Accolade. It would be nice if Rusev loses, I mean Big E didn’t get the Big Ending, so It’s time for America to finally crush that Bulgarian Brute. Thus, Swagger with Zeb in tow will give him some American Justice. 

WWE Kick Off Match: Cameron v. Naomi

This should be a no brainer, with Naomi on a roll and Cameron acting more like a Side Show Hussy than a Diva I’m going to say that Cameron gets to see the Rear View and Naomi is going to finally get revenge on that backstabbing little hoe. 


These are solely my opinion, and I’m rarely ever correct about anything so I wouldn’t believe me. This is just a way for me to voice my love for the WWE, and those beautiful Pay-Per-Views. Do not use my predictions to wager actual money, you will lose. 


The Secret Life of Leo

The Secret Life of Leo

I’m a Leo, it’s no secret – I dedicate a WHOLE month to myself and basically scream “THIS GIRL IS A LEO.” So to my dismay this morning my sister was reading our Horoscope from an app… This is how it read:

“Today, You will have a high energy day with a lot of positive energy today. You could be invited to attend a health-care expo, a seminar, or an entertainment event that features some kind of learning or educational component. If you are a parent take your kids along!”

Being a Leo I know that today is not that day, I feel our horoscope should have read: Today is blustery and cold you will be angry and bored all day – Tomorrow will be better try again then.

Keep in mind that I live in PA, where it can be 50 and sweatshirt weather one day and 10 the next so for me this is an accurate horoscope, if you’re from somewhere warm I’d go with the first!

Sometimes Stupid is A Girl In A Pink Coat.

Sometimes Stupid is A Girl In A Pink Coat.

I decided to walk up to the recycling place to cash in some cans one blistery snowy day in January. I didn’t even know he was taking pictures of me, and it looks like I’m looking RIGHT at the camera. I’m just thankful they didn’t make me walk back down after I almost froze to death on my trek up the hill. Someday’s I get brilliant ideas, and they turn out to be STUPID!